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Hey There!


I'm Jessica Enslow. I have seven beautiful children and the sweetest husband, Rob! In 2015, 19 months after having my last baby, I was not happy with how I looked or felt. l decided to commit to regular exercise and began sharing my journey with thousands of other women on Instagram. Over the past 4 years, I have gone from doing home workouts and counting calories, to hiring a personal trainer, weightlifting in the gym, eating strict macros, and prepping for a fitness competition, back to home workouts and not tracking anything I eat. Due to some health issues, I am now, primarily, on a plant-based diet. This has changed my life in many ways! I feel healthier, have more energy, have a stronger immune system and struggle less with food cravings and weight fluctuations. 

On my Instagram, I have consistently gotten requests for information on exactly what I eat, but I could never give the total picture in one message or one post, so I felt inspired to write my e-Book, "The Power of Eating Plants," to more comprehensively share my story and the exact foods and recipes I eat, along with the benefits of adding more plant-based whole foods to our diets!

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