Have you ever felt that your physical health was directly tied to the outward appearance of your body? Instagram fitness influencer and mom-of-seven, Jessica Enslow, sure did. After prepping for a fitness competition and, consequently, experiencing health issues, she found a new meaning of health and wellness through a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet, recommended by her doctor. 


After leaving the doctor’s office with only a list of daily recommendations, Jessica had no idea of how to practically implement these into her daily eating regimen. She spent hours researching, formulating and refining WFPB recipes that she would actually use over and over again. This book is perfect for those just starting on a WFPB diet, wanting to add more plant-based foods into their regime or those looking to build upon what knowledge they already have and the recipes they already use. It contains virtually everything Jessica eats on a daily basis, including 24 delicious recipes, a list of snacks and 5 days worth of how she truly structures her meals. It also speaks to common questions and concerns regarding a WFPB diet and what specifically brought her to begin primarily eating a WFPB diet and to writing this book.


Inspired by her recovery and the most asked question Jessica gets on social media of what she eats, The Power of Eating Plants is a REAL-life, easy to follow, simple recipe guide to better health, fitness and healing!

The Power of Eating Plants

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